4SBio is a newly-created services and consulting company specialized in life sciences data management and analysis, which leverages the state-of-the-art Biomarker Semantic Content Enrichment development acquired from Abbott Labs in 2014.

We provide services in the fields of management, life sciences data analysis including bioinformatics and biostatistics with a deep expertise in biomarker research validation.

We aim to provide efficient, flexible and personalized solution that truly helps to make sense of customers' data.

4SBio can provide you services in the area of all omics data (Transcriptomics, Genomics, Proteomic, Epigenomics and Metabolomics), as well as in the area of HTS and HCS.
4SBio can give you assistance in the key steps of statistical analysis.
4SBio can support you in the key steps of biomarker research and validation.
4SBio can assist you in all phases of your project management to make the most of your data.
4SBio trains scientists in appropriate statistical, computing, data management and processing tools.

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